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Differeve means to make a difference by doing business. I believe this is the best way to handle the challenges we’re facing in today’s world.

My mission is to help women to succeed in entrepreneurship. Conscious women with a great idea for a social enterprise or established entrepreneurs who seek to maximize the social impact of their business.

You may have questions like:
• How to make a difference as a startup or small business owner?
• How to monetize my mission?
• How to market services/products?
• How to write a conscious business plan?
• Where to find funding for a startup?
• How to develop my entrepreneurial skills?
• How to position my enterprise?
• How to measure my impact?

I’ll help you find the answers and generate more impact, influence and income with your business.
I work with you from start to growth. I add value through:
• coaching and consulting in a no-nonsense way
• sharing my knowledge and experience of more than 20 years in entrepreneurship
• providing you insights, inspiration and information
• creating clarity and structure
• connecting you with other entrepreneurs, innovators and investors

How Do I Know What I Know?
• I am a serial (social) entrepreneur for 20 years
• I have started 5 companies in 5 different industries
• I know how to start, grow and exit a business
• I know where and how to find funding
• I have influenced policy makers and press regarding to corporate social impact

So if you want to (re)build a business for a better world, you’ve found the right person!

Happy clients

Erica is tremendously experienced and thinks along with you. She always gives more than necessary. An attitude which ensures that I have the courage to also discuss the confrontational and difficult issues within my company. Subsequently she know the right tools and steps to help you along. In the dialogue she is straight forward and realistic where needed, but you feel that she always grants you your growth. She is a true professional with whom I like to cooperate for a long time.
Beryl Valpoort, Sweet-LifeStyle
As CEO of my own company Woman Invest I attended a 1-on-1 Impact Strategy Day at Differeve. The day was very well organised. Erica’s approach is extremely thoroughly. Everything was completely geared to Woman Invest and how I could improve my success. I experienced the fact that we addressed strategy for a whole day, as very challenging. Normally I operate according to the heat of the moment, and thoughts about aspects of strategy tend to be short and at the back of my mind. Now I was forced to extensively think about many aspects at the same time and in combination with each other. This was very effective for me.
Sonja Feenstra-Bruins, Woman Invest

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